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...Here I have placed a labor of love! Compilations to be listened to like an unveiling of a fable which will take you on a journey were there is no telling where you might EnD up. So sit back, EnJoY the RiDe!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

VA - Green Cheese Compilation Vol 32
....say cheese please ~ runtime <> 1hr:18min:35sec
01 - NASA - Last Contact Before Passing Behind Moon
02 - Buz-Umliani-Kirsten - Mah Na Mah Na Happy Holiday Event (Tony's MiX)
---> a.) Buz - Event
---> b.) Piero Umliani Mah Na Mah Na (Tiki (Tony's MiX))
---> c.) Buz - Scamper Desire
---> d.) Don Kirsten - Happy Holiday
03 - Casino-Mansell-808-Burt-AON - Tryptiline Pi r Sq is Something Big (Tony's MiX)
---> a.) Casino Versus Japan - Tryptiline Fabricate
--- + Theatre Five (Old Time Radio Show) - The Wishing Stone (Excerpt)
---> b.) Clint Mansell - Pi r Squared
---> c.) 808 State - Colony
---> d.) Burt Bacharach - Something Big (Ther'll Be Joy and Ther'll be Laughter)
---> e.) Art Of Noise - Ode to a O.J (Interlude 2)
04 - Armando Trovaioli - America Paese Di Dio.mp3
05 - Cosmos-Stereolab-Octopus-Schroeder - Magic Chayê Wana Nana Animal (Tony's MiX)
---> a.) Cosmos Factory - Magic Window
---> b.) Stereolab - Animal or Vegetable [A Wonderfull Wooden Reason...]
--- + Doctor Who (Radio Show) - The Axis of Insanity (Excerpt 1,2 & 3)
---> c.) Brazilian Octopus - Chayê
---> d.) The John Schroeder Orchestra - Wana Nana Wana Nana
06 - Hawkwind-Brown-N To (X)-Fuxa - Funky Dream About Miami Dust Mites! (Tony's MiX)
---> a.) Hawkwind - The Dream II
---> b.) Black and Brown - Top Funky In Here
---> c.) Add N To (X) & Fuxa - Mdmh (Miami Dust Mite Harvest)
07 - Nelson-Vladimir-Corduroy - Waiting For Misty Honey Data (Tony's MiX)
---> a.) Bill Nelson - Waiting For Voices
---> b.) Vladimir Cosma - Misty Honey
---> c.) Corduroy - Data 70
---> 4.) America - Only In Your Heart (Excerpt)
08 - BT-Milieu-Hartmut-Hawkwind - Flaming Klip in Deep Space (Tony's MiX)
---> a.) BT - Flaming June
---> b.) Milieu - Klip
---> c.) Hartmut Kiesewetter - Wind It Up
---> d.) Hawkwind - Space Is Deep (Excerpt)
09 - Single Cell-Field Hippies-U.F.O. - Moonsong Drops Are Falling!! (Tony's MiX)
---> a.) Single Cell Orchestra - Bonus Drops
---> b.) Joe Byrd and The Field Hippies - Moonsong
---> c.) Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O - Third Eye Of The World
10 - Cosmos Factory-Dorau - A Hidden Trap Near Dornrosental (Tony's MiX)
---> a.) Cosmos Factory - A Hidden Trap
---> b.) Andreas Dorau - Sommer Im Dornrosental
11 - NASA - Phone Call with POTUS!

please pass the cheese....



Blogger zero said...

Hi! I'm zero...thankx for your visit in my little music corner...I'm glad that you have found something interesting....;)I've link up your blog too....thankx for appetizer I'm downloading your 22 mix...don't happens frequently to found a mix with Zappa!!!!:))

9:36 AM  
Blogger Green Cheese said...

Hey Zero,
These mixes are a labor of love. That particular mix (Vol 22) was a good choice to start with. There is one mix on there that I spent hours and hours mixing on... 07 - Oldfield-Floyd-Spielerei - Ommadawn Dogs (Tony's MiX).. this mix took me on a journey... I've worked hard to blend genres of many colors into one taperstry of loveliness that will take you on a triP! Hope your EnJoYinG the triP :-) If you listen all-the-way-through many surprises await your frontal lobe stimulation :-) Cheers!

9:11 PM  
Blogger zero said...

Hey great work! I like it and be sure that everyone can ear what kind of "work" there is
Are you a professional chef? :) I have also pick up a look on "spaghetti..." well cooked!! I'm italian, I live in Italy, I'm cooking too (perhaps every italian guy must know how to do....we learn it looking the granMa....)and my wife is I know what I

10:58 AM  
Anonymous 3dom said...

your new mix is great, i especially like the last track. keep the cheese flowing

1:53 PM  
Blogger Green Cheese said...

Hi 3dom, yeah that last track is kinda dreamy and makes me think of lost childhood memories :-) hmm. wait I'm refering to track 10 mix, last track takes me around the moon, you mean track 10 or 11?

2:01 PM  
Anonymous 3dom said...

yeah its track 10. both songs go beautiful together.

2:08 PM  
Blogger A Taste of Vinyl said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

8:01 PM  
Blogger A Taste of Vinyl said...

Just ran across your site and am floored by what I am hearing. Absolutely Fantastic! Nice MiX ;)

A Taste of Vinyl

8:04 PM  
Blogger Green Cheese said...

Great! Glad your are EnJoY my labor of love! Grab 'em all and have a ball! Weee!!!!!

5:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... the mix, especially the NASA samples...where did you find them?

2:05 AM  
Blogger Green Cheese said...

I found them somewhere in the gama quadrant as I was drifting by the zorkon 5 cafe', strange place, not safe but fun.

8:53 AM  

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