Green Cheese Mix

...Here I have placed a labor of love! Compilations to be listened to like an unveiling of a fable which will take you on a journey were there is no telling where you might EnD up. So sit back, EnJoY the RiDe!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

VA - Green Cheese Compilation Vol 33
....say cheese please ~ runtime <> 1hr:18min:15sec
01 - Quincy Jones-Protassov-Loonaloop - Butterfly Dub On Days Like These (Tony's MiX)
---> a.) Man Or Astroman - Evil Plans Of Planet Spectra (Excerpt)
---> b.) Man Or Astroman - Philip K. Dick In The Pet Section Of A Wal-Mart (Excerpt)
---> c.) Quincy Jones - On Days Like These (Reprise)
---> d.) Protassov - Butterfly Dub
---> e.) Loonaloop - Holiday Music (Oh! The Memories!)
02 - Orchestre Jean-Claude Pelletier - Surf, Surf, Surf
03 - Astro Man-Miniflex - Terrestra Stereo Phase Test (Tony's MiX)
---> a.) Man Or Astro Man - Stereo Phase Test
---> b.) Miniflex - Terrestra
04 - Cubismo-Saudade-Bacharach - Still Pink In South American (Tony's MiX)
---> a.) Cubismo Grafico - Still Pink Steel Pan
---> b.) Saudade De Bahia - Baden Powell
---> c.) Burt Bacharach - South American Getaway
05 - John Buzon Trio - Mambo Rock
06 - Astro Man-Fusco-Kaleidos-Swingle - Landlocked In Tattau Bossa Sl01 (Tony's MiX)
---> a.) Man Or Astro Man - Landlocked
---> b.) Ugo Fusco - Tattau Bossa
---> c.) Kaleidos - Sl01
---> d.) The Swingle Singers - Fugue in D Minor
07 - Skalpel-Suzuki-Logic-Lowfish - Skalpel Sub-Plan On A Saturday Night (Tony's MiX)
---> a.) Skalpel - 1958 Skalpel Remix
---> b.) Suzuki K1 (Keiichi Suzuki) - Saturday Mix (with Japanese It's all right song)
--- + SpacePatrol - The Moon Beetles (Space Binoculars Special!)
---> c.) Logic System - Plan
---> d.) Lowfish - Subs in the St. Lawrence
08 - Zappa-Funkadelic-Astroman - I Was a Teenage Maggot Brain (Tony's MiX)
---> a.) Frank Zappa - I Was a Teenage Maltshop
---> b.) Funkadelic - Maggot Brain (Alternate Mix)
---> c.) Man Or Astroman - Um Espectro Sem Escala
---> d.) Man Or Astroman - Maximum Radiation Level
09 - Kraftwerk-Nelson-Upstructure-Fenton+ - Phantom Fishes In The Garden (Tony's MiX)
---> a.) Kraftwerk - Transistor
---> b.) Bill Nelson - Phantom Garden
---> c.) Upstructure - Wishes Of Fishes
---> d.) George Fenton & Ken Freeman - Mobil Unit
10 - S.P.L.-Jollymusic - Stranger's Perfect Luck Disco
---> a.) S.P.L. - Stranger's Perfect Luck
---> a.) Jollymusic - DiscoDisco
11 - Aphex-Capitol K-Hrvatski - A Sticky Bouncing Ball Lullaby (Tony's MiX)
---> a.) Aphex Twin - Bucephalus Bouncing Ball
---> b.) Capitol K - Capitol Beat Sticky (Posh Mix)
---> c.) Hrvatski - Lullaby
---> d.) Skalpel - 1958 Skalpel excerpt (boys and girls ending)
---> e.) Man Or Astroman - Rhombics

please pass the cheese....



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